Christmas Glider

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An unsung hero come Christmas Day, Mr. Claus relies on this trusty old sleigh. Filled to the brim with treats, trinkets, and toys, a clever design, this sleigh makes no noise. You’ll never know when it arrives at your house, for this Christmas Glider is as quiet as a mouse. Built from the best, it lands on rooftops with ease, it has withstood many a harsh winter freeze. While the commission of this sleigh took years to complete, it soon became famous; the star of the fleet. Carefully constructed, as Saint Nick’s hard to please, the elf engineers have kept it flying for centuries like the breeze. Still used today with the design details unchanged, the adornments remain untouched and exquisitely arranged. It is a special sight on winter nights that only a few see, this sleigh really is splendid, you can’t help but agree.