Charcoal Grinding Building Set of 2

Hard Sugar Maple wood is burned several times a week to create to create an all important ingredient for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.  After the burn, the charcoal of finished at the Charcoal Grinding Building where it is then stored in the silo structure into needed.  You see, each drop of newly fermented whiskey is allowed to slowly filter through 10 feet of the charcoal, giving it the smooth taste that the Lynchburg Tennessee Distillery is known for. 

Introduced: April 2018

First in Stock Date: October 1, 2018

Hand painted
Electrical:  Standard cord and bulb
Replacement Bulb:  56.99244
Replacement Cord:   56.99028
3.85 in H x 5.94 in W x 6.1 in L

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