Cedar Rose 3.4oz Candle

A warm woody floral that blends the sultry depth of Cedarwood with the uniquely fragrant Damask Rose. Surrounding the rose are hints of Violets and Lily of the Valley.

Cedar roses are the tops of mature cedar cones that are created as the cones dry out and the lower "petals" are pushed off or disintegrate. There is no Cedar rose tree or bush.

Their petite crystal candle is beautifully presented with a silver plated lid with the Agraria crest. After they burn completely, save them to use as holders for tea lights. They will sparkle down the middle of your table or lining the walkway to your front door. 

These beautifully luminous, fragrant, and clean-burning candles are a special blend of vegetable-based premium soft waxes.
Each 3.4 oz (96 gram) candle features a lead-free wick and includes a sliver-plate lid stamped with the Agraria crest. 
Approximate burning time: 25 hours
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