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Brix CanLock is the perfect cover for opened beverage cans, like juice, soda and beer cans. Keep pesky insects, dust and dirt out of your beverages! CanLock's unique design attaches quickly under the ring of soda can tabs and turns easily, with little effort. Simply rotate to open and drink, and rotate again to close. Use it to open the pull tabs, too! It's so simple and easy for anyone to use, including kids and people with arthritis. There are no sharp edges and it's extremely durable. CanLock is handy and compact for easy storage in your kitchen gadget drawer. Keep CanLock anywhere a beverage can needs to be covered quickly and easily- in your car, garage, boat, or camper- or tuck one in your purse or pocket and bring along to picnics, the beach, golf course, barbeques, soccer practice, sporting events, concerts, and more. CanLock will become one of your favorite beverage gadgets. It's durable and reusable.

Hand wash recommended
Set of 3
Brix is a family-owned and operated company based in Denmark. The two brothers, Christian Brix-Hansen (Harvard MBA, Civil Economist) and Joachim Brix-Hansen (Civil Economist) design their award-winning products as simple solutions for the culinary market.