Brushed Stainless Honing Steel 10"

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The Wüsthof 10” Brushed Stainless Honing Steel will maintain your knife blades from tip to heel with regular use. Over time knives will lose their edge. Honing re-aligns the microscopic teeth in blade.

Wusthof recommends honing your blades after about an hour of use, though you can use after each use. This will maximize the length of time in between sharpening. The honing steel should be used after you sharpen your blade.

What length of steel do you need? The steel should be as long as the blade of the knife. What is the difference between honing and sharpening? A sharpening steel will remove material from the knife to allow you to reset the edge, where a honing steel only re-aligns the blade’s edge.

All Wüsthof honing steels are made with a hardness of 65 Rockwell.