The Bat’s Motel may not be the most welcoming place in town, but if you don’t mind dirty sheets or sleeping next to a crime scene, you’re sure to take comfort here. Just turn on the black and white TV to drown out the sound of fluttering bats making their nightly escape from the attic. Rusty old chairs, bed bugs, and a keep out sign, assure that The Bat’s Motel will have plenty of vacancies upon your arrival.

Introduced: January 2017
Retired: November 2018

Set of 2: Motel and Sign
Replacement Bulb: 4030893
Replacement Cord: 4035315
Coordinates with: The Makings for a Sordid Evening 4056713
Size: 6.5"Hx5.25"Wx10.5"L; 7.5"Hx1.5"Wx3.25"L
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