Train & Parade Adapter Black

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Illuminate any part of the Snow Village Parade or the Snow Village Halloween Train without power from the lead float or train car. Perfect for displaying pieces separate from the others.

Introduced: 2012
Retired: November 2019

Color: Black
Can be used with “float accessories” that go with “Santa’s Float”
Used to light “Marching Bulbs” 4022806, “Peppermint Float” 4025332, and “Marching Snowflakes” 4025333
Can also be used to light any of the cars for Halloween Train –“ Haunted Rails Caboose” 4020957, “Haunted Rails Sleeper Car” 4028711, “Haunted Rails Dining Car” 805677 and “Haunted Rails Jack & His Lanterns Car” 4035589