Twisted Wares

Missy was a stay at home mom, who felt like her life was completely out of her control. Her son constantly pulling down the towel was just the push she needed to take back her power and create a product that she knew would resonate with moms and dads everywhere. Twisted Wares was born. The Hang Tight Towel loop design allows for your towel to be used as you would any towel, and it will stay put when you want it to without buttons, Velcro, or snaps.

65 results
500 mg Fukitol - Cocktail Napkins
500 mg Fukitol - Towel
Absofuckinlutely - Small Bitch Bag
Absofuckinlutely - Small Bitch Bag
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That - Towel
Bitches Get Shit Done - Small Bitch Bag
Bye Felicia - Towel
Caffeine Saves - Towel
Call Your Mom - Towel
Cluster Fork - Towel
Congratulations Breeders - Towel
Dainty as Fuck - Large Bitch Bag
Don't Get Your Peonies In A Twist - Towel
Drink Up Bitches - Towel
Drink Up Bitches Cocktail Napkins
Fancy Motherfucker - Towel
Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn - Towel
Fuckity Fuck Fuck - Apron
Fuckity Fuck Fuck - Large Bitch Bag
Fuckity Fuck Fuck - Towel
Fuckity Fuck Fuck Cocktail Napkins
Get Thy Shit Together - Small Bitch Bag
Graters Gonna Grate - Towel
Grown Ass Woman - Small Bitch Bag
I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings - Towel
I Like Big Butts - Apron
I Like Big Butts - Towel
I Love Jesus But I Cuss A Little - Towel
I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little - Towel
I Love Jesus...But I Drink A Little Cocktail Napkins
I Need A Cocktail... - Towel
I Put Out For Santa - Towel
I Rub My Own Meat - Apron
I Rub My Own Meat - Towel
I Will Cut You - Towel
I'd Hit That! - Towel
I'll Have A Vodka Xanax... - Towel
I'm Afraid If I Give Up Wine... - Towel
It's All Good in the Trailer Hood -  Towel
Kill It And Grill It - Towel
Let's Get Ready To Stumble - Towel
Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday - Towel
Oh Snap - Towel
Oh Snap - Towel
$ 12.99
Oh, Look! It's Wine O'Clock - Towel
Queen Bee - Towel
Queen of Everything - Small Bitch Bag
Rock Out w/Your Crock Out - Towel
Salt And Peppa in the Hooouuuse - Towel

65 results

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