Black & Gold Elegance Theme

Experience the luxury of Christmas done in Black and Gold. This theme works as a most regal look or as a jazzy, musical based theme.
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4.25"Resin Fishing Hanging Orn
4.5"Painted Buck Hunter Plaque Orn
5"Plstc Plat/Chmpgn Glttr Train Orn
Angel Music Globe White & Gold 6.25"
Only 4 left!
Ballerina Ornament 6.25" 2 Assorted
Ballet Couple Ornament 6"
Cross Table Piece Gold 12"
Cross Table Piece Gold 15.5"
Cross Table Piece Gold 20"
Only 4 left!
Cross Table Piece Gold 7.75"
Only 2 left!
Feather Plate Antiqued Gold 7.75H x 13"L
Glittered Gold Dots Glass Ball Ornament 4.75"
Gold & Silver Cross Ornament 6.25" 2 Assorted
Gold Glittered Beaded Glass Ball Ornament 6"
Musical Notes Wire Ribbon 2.5” x 10 Yards
Nativity Table Piece Beige & Gold 13"
Nativity Table Piece Beige & Gold 13"
Rhinestone Bird Gold Ornament 8W x 11"L
Only 3 left!
Rhinestone Drop Amber Gold Ornament 6.25"
Rhinestone Drop Amber Gold Ornament 9.5"
Rhinestone Glass Crown Gold & Crystal Ornament 4.625"
Rhinestone Star Gold Ornament 5.5"
Only 2 left!
Two-Tone Gold Glitter Leaf Spray 28"
White with Gold & Pearl Trim Top Hat 3.25"
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