Table Linens

Find a wide variety of linens for your table including placemats, napkins, napkin rings, table cloths and more!
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Abingdon Plaid Napkin
Abingdon Plaid Placemat
Agnes Napkin
Agnes Napkin
$ 7.99
Agnes Round Placemat
Brussels Ivory Napkin 20"
Brussels Paprika Napkin 20"
Brussels White Napkin 20"
Byzantine Beige & White Placemat
Byzantine Charcoal & Silver Placemat
Byzantine Tobacco & Cream Placemat
Cardinal with Holly Kitchen Towel 18 x 27"
Carousel Navy Placemat
Chambray Basil Napkin 21"
Chambray Beige Linen Napkin 21"
Chambray Emerald Napkin 21"
Chambray Fern Linen Napkin 21"
Only 2 left!
Chambray Plum Napkin 21"
Chambray Sangria Napkin 21"
Classic Blue Mat
Classic Red Mat
Only 2 left!
Cornice Platinum 22" Napkin
Elderflower Napkin 21"
Elderflower Runner 90"
Only 2 left!
Forget Milk Got Wine? Kitchen Towle 18 x 27"
Gloria Napkin
Gloria Napkin
$ 7.99
Gloria Placemat
Gloria Round Placemat
Gradient Stripe Beige Napkin 22"
Gradient Stripe Beige Runner 90"
Only 4 left!
Gradient Stripe Black Napkin 22"
Gradient Stripe Black Runner 90"
Only 4 left!
Grapevine Jacquard Napkin
Grapevine Jacquard Placemat
Hemstitch Black Napkin
Hemstitch Chili Napkin
Hemstitch Chili Tablecloth Oblong 60 x 108"
Hemstitch Chili Tablecloth Oblong 60 x 120"
Only 4 left!
Hemstitch Chili Tablecloth Oblong 60 x 90"
Only 3 left!

296 results

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