Buffalo Aioli 10.5oz Jar

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In the world of food it's kind of funny how sometimes a simple last minute recipe change or improvised menu item can catch on and become an overnight sensation. Take Buffalo wings for example. By most accounts fried chicken wings coated in a sauce made with cayenne pepper, hot sauce and melted butter did indeed first appear in Buffalo, New York sometime in the mid 1960s. The "why" behind the story is still seems up for debate with tales ranging from a mistaken delivery of too many wings to a restaurant and not knowing what to do with them to the need for a late-night snack and having limited ingredients to work with in the kitchen. The overriding theme to these stories seems to suggest that the original Buffalo wings were made up on the spot and that the chef was literally "winging" it. The rest, as they say, is history.

If you love that immediate, bold kick of spice that just screams Buffalo wings, you're going to love our Buffalo Aioli! It's buttery smooth and ready to add that unmistakable big flavor and dose of heat that’s craved coast-to-coast. Spread it on BLTs, add it to potato or pasta salad or serve it as a dip with veggies, there's no bones about it, this is one spicy and delicious aioli!

Deliciously bold and zesty with true Buffalo wing flavor
Great on sandwiches, in pasta or potato salads or as a dip
Spoon it over roasted or grilled carrots, zucchini or asparagus
10.5 fl oz bottle
Made in USA