Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is a Christmas wholesale company specializing in fabric Santa’s since 1996. The root of this wonderful company has always been about the spirit of St. Nick but they offer much more including: nutcrackers, snowmen, angels, snow globes, Halloween carolers. This is an American, family owned company!
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Air Force Nutcracker with Flag 14"
America Nutcracker 10"
Army Nutcracker with Flag 14"
Christmas Dog Nutcracker 14"
Only 1 left!
England Nutcracker 10"
Fireman & Dalmation Nutcracker 14"
Only 4 left!
France Nutcracker 10"
Germany Nutcracker 10"
Green Ceramic Electric Tree with 1950s Lights
Houndstooth Santa Claus 16"
Irish Nutcracker 10"
King & Guard Nutcracker 24" 2 Assorted
Large Sku And Price For Item 4450 Was That Same Style But Large
Lumberjack Nutcracker 14"
Marine Nutcracker with Flag 14"
Only 3 left!
Mexican Nutcracker 10"
Navy Nutcracker with Flag 14"
Pirate Nutcracker 15"
Policeman Nutcracker 14"
Red & Green Royal Guard Nutcracker 60"
Only 1 left!
Red King Nutcracker 60"
Royal Bugler Nutcracker 60"
Only 1 left!
Tee Time Nutcracker 14"
The Kings Guards Nutcracker 12" 3 Assorted
Train Conductor Nutcracker 14"
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