Reed & Barton

Reed & Barton is a prominent American silversmith manufacturer based in the city of Taunton, Massachusetts, operating between 1824 and 2015. Its products include sterling silver and silverplate flatware. The company produced many varieties of britannia and silver products since Henry G. Reed and Charles E. Barton took over the failing works of Isaac Babbitt in Taunton. During the American Civil War, Reed & Barton produced a considerable quantity of weapons for Union Army soldiers and officers. Reed and Barton is now part of the Lenox Corporation.
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Baby Beads Bulged Pewter Baby Cup
Baby Cup
$ 245.00
Ballerina Musical Chest Jewelry Box
Cameron Silverplate Rattle
Carolers Village Lit Musical Snowglobe
Cassidy Sterling Rattle
Christmas 2019 Bell Silverplated
Circles Black & Chrome Frame 5 x 7"
Classic Clock
Classic Clock
$ 60.00
Classic Frame 5 x 7"
Classic Frame 8 x 10"
Concord Cup
$ 60.00
Equinox Vase
$ 120.00
Espresso Kasbah Frame 4 x 6"
Espresso Kasbah Frame 5 X 7"

149 results

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