Appolia Bakeware Red Baker Square 11.5"

$ 45.00

Appolia Bakeware Red Baker Square 11.5"

 Ideal for healthy oven-baked meals! Its size will convince even the biggest appetites, its colour will win over the aesthetes. The Peugeot Appolia 36 cm (14in.) square dish is the accessory of choice for cordon bleu chefs who choose ceramic cookware to oven cook their finest food right to the centre.

Lasagne, gratins, vegetable tians are cooked all the way through

Its high rim that retains the cooking juices, the cuisine is tasty and healthy

Easy to clean thanks to the high performance anti-abrasion enamelling

Peugeot ceramic cookware also guarantees an unrivalled resistance against impacts and thermal shocks (-20°C to +250°C)

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