Appolia Bakeware Red Baker Round 8.75"

$ 35.00

Appolia Bakeware Red Baker Round 8.75"

 Ideal for healthy oven-baked meals! Ceramic is the ultimate prestige material for healthy, flavoursome meals. Thanks to the thermal inertia inherent in the dish's high quality materials, Peugeot's Appolia ceramic oven dish is capable of keeping your meals hot for up to 30 minutes after leaving the oven!

 Your fruit tarts and your gratins will repeatedly delight food lovers

The high rim improves the capacity of the 27 cm (10.6in.) round dish and retains the cooking juices for ensuring that meals lose none of their flavour

The different sizes in Peugeot's Appolia range of round dishes can be nested inside each other to save space and allow for easy storage

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