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For many years, our buyer has traveled back and forth to Poland browsing the factories and meeting the artisans of the Boleslawiec Pottery industry. This is the official and most reputable pottery from the Polish Pottery maze of products. For almost 20 years, William Glen and Old World Traditions have brought you the best patterns and the highest quality pottery from Poland. Accept no substitutes!
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Berry Bowl Strainer with Saucer 9 x 4.75"
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European Bread Tray 17 x 5.75"
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Family Soup Tureen 11 x 7.5"
Flat Rectangular Dish with Large Handles 15.5 x 9 x 2.5"
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Largest Covered Baker 13.5 x 10 x 4.5"
Only 1 left!
Largest Deep Baking Dish 17 x 9 x 3"
Only 1 left!
Largest Heart Shaped Plate 9 x 8"
Largest Round Basket with Fluted Edge 11"
Oval Baker No. 5 with Bird 14 x 9.5 x 2.5"
Only 2 left!
Oval Baker No. 5 with Flower 14 x 9.5 x 2.5"
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Oval Baking Dish with Large Handles 18 x 18.75"
Only 1 left!
Pedestal Cake Plate with Scalloped Edge 11.5 x 5.75"
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