Casafina Forum

Forum is a design that features hand-formed “irregular” shapes embellished with a medieval coin in relief.
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Forum Blue Individual Pasta
Forum Cognac Coffee Mug
Forum Cognac Dinner Plate
Forum Cognac Individual Pasta
Forum Cognac Salad Plate
Forum Cognac Soup/Cereal Bowl
Forum Khaki Green Coffee Mug
Forum Khaki Green Dinner Plate
Forum Khaki Green Individual Pasta
Forum Khaki Green Salad Plate
Forum Khaki Green Soup/Cereal Bowl
Forum Prussian Blue Dinner Plate
Forum Prussian Blue Salad Plate
Forum Prussian Blue Soup/Cereal Bowl
Forum White Coffee Mug
Forum White Dinner Plate
Forum White Individual Pasta
Forum White Salad Plate
Forum White Soup/Cereal Bowl
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