Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Fortessa is an integrated designer, developer and marketer of commercial and consumer tableware serving the commercial food service market globally. They add value to dinnerware across a variety of industries by identifying entertaining and lifestyle objectives and providing solutions that enhance them.
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Casale Dinner Plate 10.25"
Casale Oval Rim Platter 15.25"
Casale Rim Soup Plate 8.5"
Casale Round Rim Platter 12.25"
Casale Round Serving Bowl 8.5"
Casale Salad Plate 7.7"
Etiquette Adelyne Dinner Plate 11"
Etiquette Adelyne Salad Plate 8"
Etiquette Evie Cereal Bowl 5.75"
Etiquette Evie Dinner Plate 11"
Etiquette Evie Salad Plate 8"
Etiquette Evie Tapered Mug 12.75oz
Etiquette Isabel Dinner Plate 11"
Etiquette Isabel Salad Plate 8"
Lucca Faceted Stainless Steel 20 Piece Set
Royal Pacific Stainless Steel 20 Piece Set
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