Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Fortessa is an integrated designer, developer and marketer of commercial and consumer tableware serving the commercial food service market globally. They add value to dinnerware across a variety of industries by identifying entertaining and lifestyle objectives and providing solutions that enhance them.
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Casale Dinner Plate 10.25"
Casale Oval Rim Platter 15.25"
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Casale Rim Soup Plate 8.5"
Casale Round Rim Platter 12.25"
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Casale Round Serving Bowl 8.5"
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Casale Salad Plate 7.7"
Etiquette Adelyne Dinner Plate 11"
Etiquette Adelyne Salad Plate 8"
Etiquette Evie Cereal Bowl 5.75"
Only 3 left!
Etiquette Evie Dinner Plate 11"
Etiquette Evie Salad Plate 8"
Etiquette Evie Tapered Mug 12.75oz
Only 3 left!
Etiquette Isabel Dinner Plate 11"
Etiquette Isabel Salad Plate 8"
Lucca Faceted Stainless Steel 20 Piece Set
Only 2 left!
Royal Pacific Stainless Steel 20 Piece Set
Only 1 left!
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