Floral Mosses, Pods & Drieds

Find gorgeous pod bouquets, mosses of many colors and other natural botanicals for your decorating and art projects.
12 results
Baxteri Banksia Bunched 4 Stems
Calice Mushrooms Natural 15 Piece Bag
Cotton Phylica Aspen Gold 4 to 5 oz Bag
Cotton Phylica Purple Orchid 4 to 5 oz Bag
Fountain Vine Oasis Green
Ladder Branch Bunch of 7
Lotus Pods Premium Green Wired Bunch
Mood Moss Premium Preserved
Plumosum Female Merlot 8 Bloom Bunch
Sheet Moss 8oz Bag
Sheet Moss Bulk Box 6.6 Lbs
Star Pod Natural Extra Large
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