Arti Digital Scale Black Obsidion

$ 39.99
Colorful Glass Surface. The Escali Arti Digital Scale is capable of weighing both liquid and dry ingredients up to an astounding 15 pounds with 0.1 ounce or 1 gram increments. It features an easy to read oversized display that sits between the user friendly touch sensitive controls and results in a single smooth glass surface. Available in a selection of colors.

Touch Sensitive Controls: The touch sensitive controls create a single, smooth glass surface which is easy to keep clean.
Liquid Measuring: Measures both liquid (fl oz, ml) and dry ingredients (g, oz, lb + oz).
Display Hold: Hold weight measurements on screen when weighing large items, even after they are removed from the scale.
Tare Feature: Reset the scale to zero weight to measure multiple items or subtract the weight of container.
Automatic Shut-off: The scale will turn off after five minutes of inactivity to help conserve and extend battery life.
Capacity: 15 lb (7,000 g)
Increments: 0.1 oz (1 g)
Units: oz, lb:oz, g, fl oz, ml
Battery: Two CR2032 (included)
Dimensions: 9 x 6.5 x 0.75"
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