While working the rails, a discovery was made deep in the woods - a Beast. Weather he was friendly or frightening, had yet to be determined. However, the Haunted Rails team knew one thing for certain as Beast began to follow them, no matter which direction they went: Beast wanted out of the woods. After a bit of negotiation, Beast agreed to ride on a flat bed rail car, with chains to secure him while taking the rough rails. News traveled over the telegraph lines back to town so that everyone turned out to meet Beast at the station. Welcome, Beast!

Introduced: April 2017
Retired: November 2018

Zinc alloy, Ceramic, and Plastic
Electrical: Designed to accompany the rest of the train. Cords plug into other train cars.
Power source not included, works with 800001 Haunted Rails Engine.
Coordinates With: The Beast Master 4059392
Series: Haunted Rails
Size: 8.27"Hx6.3"Wx6.3"L
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