Purple velvet draperies, sculpted in the upper story windows, hint that this theatre once had an air of elegance that has been taken over by time and darkness. But come on in, because the entertainment will be worth the stomach butterflies. The world’s creepiest ventriloquists perform here nightly. Just look out for Chuckles, the dummy with a mind of his own. Too late, Chuckles is working the ticket window. Sculpted lanterns, grates on the doors, and spider web attachments add to the details. Back door is for ‘Dummies’ only.

Introduced: January 2016
Retired: November 2016
Zinc alloy and Ceramic
Replacement Bulb: 810803
Coordinates With: Who's The Dummy Now? 4051017
Size: 8.03"Hx5.12"Wx6.42"L
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