B Sweet Shop Set of 3

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B Sweet Shop has been designed as a fitting tribute to Ed Bazinet, the founder of Department 56.  Lit lights lining the striped awning highlight the industrial windows and white marble looking façade of this upscale main street boutique.   Always creating, Ed’s next dream was to open this type of a fine candy shop in New York City.  The set of 3 includes a ‘B Sweet’ special customization of our company van, and the only accessory to ever intentionally depict our founder.  We will hand number each piece with a special limited edition of 1,976 – in honor of the first year of Department 56 and The Original Snow Village.  Our hope is that Ed’s inspiration, creativity, and determination for the best, will continue on in each of us, the stewards of the legacy he leaves behind.    
Introduced: April 2018
First in Stock Date: October 1, 2018
Retired: November 2019

Set of 3 includes special ‘B Sweet’ version of the Department 56 van, with rolling wheels and Ed Bazinet figure.  
Electrical:  Standard cord and bulb
Replacement Bulb:  56.99244
Replacement Cord:   56.99028
6.97 in H x 5.51 in W x 6.26 in L