Brushtech Brushes

Founded in 1976, Brushtech Inc. manufactures a variety of unique twisted-in-wire brushes including BBQ grill cleaning brushes, wine glassware brushes for goblets, flutes and decanters, and much much more. The unique designs of our specialty brushes are useful, easy to use and desirable. All of our brushes are proudly Made in USA.
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Accelerator Sponge Brush
Brush Quartet for Hundreds of Cleaning Scenarios
Crystal Stemware Washing Brush
Flexible Faucet Cleaning Brush
Foam Tipped Travel Mug Washing Brush
Kitchen Waste Disposal Brush
Non-Scratching Coffeepot Brush
Original Accelerator Sponge Brush
Powerful Non-Abrasive Muffin Pan Brush
Safety Double Helix Bristle Free BBQ Brush 16"
Small Goblet & Brandy Glassware Washing Brush
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The Sponge Brush For The Kitchen Sink
The Two Most Useful Brushes in Your Kitchen
The Ultra Kitchen Clean-Up Accelerator Sponge Brush
Toughest Little Cup & Glass Washing Brush Ever Made
Wine Decanter Washing Brush
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