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BlueAvocado’s mission is provide thoughtful designs and creative solutions for a greener, simpler life. This means tackling those everyday actions that fill our lives with disorder and waste. With innovative solutions such as their (re)zip® family of products that minimize the use of disposable baggies, and their reusable shopping and lunch systems, they are inspired and delighted to do their part in reducing waste by providing solutions for many of life’s throw-away problems.
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re-Zip Lay-Flat Gallon Clear - 2 Pack
re-Zip Lay-Flat Lunch Clear - 2 Pack
re-Zip Lay-Flat Lunch Clear - 5 Piece Kit
re-Zip Lay-Flat Snack Clear - 2 Pack
re-Zip Stand-Up 1 Cup - 2 Pack
re-Zip Stand-Up Clear 3 Piece Kit
re-Zip Tall 4 Cup - Clear
re-Zip Tall 6 Cup - Clear
re-Zip Tall 8 Cup - Clear
re-Zip Volume Tall 2 Pack - Clear
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