2020 New Snow Village Halloween

Discover the newest tricks and treats from the creators of the Original Snow Village Halloween! Watch out for spooks and also for amazingly sweet deals on new Silver Series sets!
34 results
Animated Little Red Riding Hood
Animated Pumpkin Patch
Bone Voyage
Bone Voyage
$ 22.50
Celebrating Lady of Guadalupe
Celia's Cellar
Celia's Cellar
$ 125.00
Color Changing Lit Skulls
Day of the Dead Church
Day of the Dead Lit Memorial
Day of the Dead Wreaths
Femur Bone Street Lights
$ 22.50
Halloween Glitter Fence
Halloween Glittered Shrubs
Halloween Spider House
Haunted Huntsman House
Haunted Pines
Haunted Pines
$ 20.00
Haunted Tree
Haunted Tree
$ 35.00
Haunted Watchman
Illuminated Ghost Tree
Jack Discovers Christmas Town
Jack-o-lantern Lit Fence
Midnight Fright Light
Midnight Moss Trees
Patty's Pumpkin Patch
Peanuts Haunted House
Scary Treats for a Sweet
Spider Phobia
Spider Phobia
$ 25.00
String of Lit Pumpkins
The Cemetery House
The Gazebo at Moonlight
The Kids With Their Pets
Trick-Or-Treating with Peanuts
Vampire Brothers Prepare the Duck
Witch A Brew'n
Witch A Brew'n
$ 30.00
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